A Complete Guide to: The different types of Pins on Pinterest


A Complete Guide to: The different types of Pins on Pinterest


Pins, repins, pinners and all things to do with Pinterest. Let this serve as your complete guide in deconstructing the different types pins and what the objectives they serve!


Each pin is an idea that someone has saved into Pinterest, it serves as inspiration for others, who in return can re-pin it to their profile. Each different image you see on Pinterest, regardless of the information contained inside it, is a pin!



Rich Pins


Rich pins include additional information such as your website name, your icon display, and source back to the original website! There are four main categories of rich pins, all designed to serve different purposes:


  • Product Pins - provide updated information on pricing, availability and where to buy


  • App Pins - download apps, there is even an install button right on the pin!


  • Recipe Pins - show recipe details: ingredients, instructions, serving info


  • Article Pins - include headlines, descriptions, and author name



Buyable Pins


Buyable pins are a secure way to buy products directly from the Pinterest app. A buyable pin will contain a blue ‘Buy It’ button, and a price tag. Consumers can further refine their search with price filters, allowing them to shop within their chosen budget. This is when rich pin real-time pricing can be especially useful, your pins are updated right away! 



….Bonus! If you have an online store with Shopify, it is easy to start selling on Pinterest you just need to add the Pinterest sales channel to your store.



Promoted Pins


Promoted Pins are paid ads on Pinterest. The pin contains ‘Promoted by’ followed by the company name at the bottom. Businesses pay to have these pins show up where you’d be more likely to notice them. Pins run on a cost-per-click basis, you pay when someone clicks through the pin to your website. Benefits of this type of advertising include the ability to target certain demographics and reach customers who are searching for or have shown interest in what you offer. This extra exposure can work wonders for driving more traffic to your account! There are a few rules to follow when using Promoted pins, such as: include authentic information, lead to a relevant landing page and no sign-up requests. 


Access to over 200 million users worldwide, not so shabby!



Picked for you Pins


Pinterest will recommend pins based on your activity. Information from the boards you create, the pins you save or click on and other searches that were done are all relayed back to the Pinterest Gods…. who then provide suggestions based on the user data collected. Picked for you pins allow exposure to new brands and products. 



Hopefully, I haven’t overwhelmed you with the amount of pinformation offered here, did you see what I did there? 


I think the pins are getting to me… 


BUT remember...


The Pinterest audience is just too big to ignore, and having an understanding of pins and the purposes they serve is essential. Being cognizant of the user experience on any social media platform is paramount in developing marketing and brand strategies and driving sales. Use this post as a guide to the different types of pins and start implementing this powerful sales tool!




What is Pinterest for Business? And why your e-commerce business should be using it!


What is Pinterest for Business? And why your e-commerce business should be using it!


Pinterest for Business contains certain features and functions that are designed specifically for businesses to use, completely different from your personal account. Using this specialized account gives your brand access to over 200 million users and features that are granted to increase traffic and sales to your Shopify store!


Why wouldn't you want to tap into the tremendous marketing power of Pinterest!


So let's go over the key features of Pinterest for Business that are essential to for any Shopify store owner to know!


Access to Pinterest Analytics


Pinterest Analytics is a great tool and one of the most useful features of Pinterest for Business. It gives you access to important tracking information, that can be used to build brand strategies and content marketing. 


Access to Rich Pins


These specialized pins are loaded with tons of sales power! Making it so easier to make informed decisions about the purchase, by highlighting useful consumer information. If you build desirable content around your products, rich pins can do the rest of the work! 


Access to Pinterest tools


As businesses are continuing to see the value of using Pinterest as a sales platform and marketing tool, Pinterest has created tools and features to make the platform even more desirable for e-commerce stores. 



Promoted Pins - Ad Pins that businesses pay to appear where you’re more likely to see them. They are based on the interest of the user and things they do on  Pinterest.


Pin It Button - This helpful button allows people to pin images to their board without having to be on Pinterest. Particularly beneficial for e-commerce stores as users will engage longer with your web store. 


Widget builder - A tool that allows you to build buttons, pins, and boards right into your website! It also allows you to build a ‘Follow’ button. Very useful in making it easy for users to connect with your content. 



If all these perks don’t entice you to create a business account within the next 30 seconds, I don’t know what will! 


Almost all business that implements this sales and marketing powerhouse have seen results. 

Remember! It is more about the strategy you use to build your audience and generate high-intent traffic to your web store, than simply having a Pinterest for Business account.

Hack: Get your pins noticed on Pinterest and drive traffic to your Store!


Hack: Get your pins noticed on Pinterest and drive traffic to your Store!


The ultimate tips and tricks to get your pins noticed on Pinterest are at your fingertips! The sooner you master these - then my friend you are well on your way to fully utilizing this social media business haven and driving an insane amount of traffic to your store.


Lets get right into it!


First, let’s lay down some important statistics that need to be highlighted! Pinterest has over 200 million users worldwide, this isn't something available to a brick and mortar store. Your brand’s potential to reach millions of consumers worldwide just quadrupled! 


… I know what you're thinking….. lets see the hacks!



Your quick guide to : getting your pins in the spotlight


Pin Regularly


Once you have embarked on the journey to use the ultimate marketing tool known as Pinterest, your dedication is much appreciated! Regularly pinning can help people discover your pins and increase the numbers of followers you have. Be careful to not overload your audience with content, this is where consistency is key!


Optimize your Account


Pinterest works like a search engine, using keywords as its main data tool. 

Adding popular words in your pins, board descriptions and in your name, keeps you relevant. Don’t make the mistake of just including your brand name, add in a few keywords at the end.


Join a couple of Group Boards


This is a way to build relationships within your specific niche, and Pinterest community! Pinning to these boards also allows access to a wider audience and gives you exposure worldwide! 


….as a brand, you do not what to pass on this hack! Plus it’s fun!


Best Time of Day to Pin


Of course you want people to see your pins, not be asleep on the couch! Pinning at optimal times increases engagement and brand visibility. The best time of day to pin is between 8 - 11pm.


Hmmm… seems right around the time people are home from work and have a few hours to themselves before bed!





Use your Old Pins


One of the best things about Pinterest - content lives forever! No but seriously the half-life of a pin is almost 3 months long, this means a pin can be relevant well after it has been posted. Not everyone will see when you first post your pin, that’s why it is important to re-pin your content. Do not let that precious content get buried!


…. a bonus for e-commerce owners - this hack reminds people of your products they may have forgotten about. *Hint *Hint



Why does it matter?


Gaining in on the traction that is produced by Pinterest traffic can do wonders for your business. 


One of the most common complaints we hear is, owners are having a difficult time driving traffic to their store once they launch. We know not everyone is going to buy a product upon engaging with an online store. They may get ideas about future purchases, be aware of the brand, and/or comeback at a later time. 


Pinterest serves as a secondary sales platform, and the fact that is has 200 million users worldwide is proof enough that e-commerce stores NEED to start implementing this into their marketing and brand strategies!


… Seriously, start pinning today, this very moment - pin, pin, pin!





How to Increase Traffic To your Store in 6 Easy Steps With Pinterest


How to Increase Traffic To your Store in 6 Easy Steps With Pinterest


Pinterest at first can be a daunting social media to master, to most people pins, repins and boards can be confusing and the whole idea might make you abandon it all together!


Luckily! there is a way out, and just like any new endeavor there are a few tricks of the trade to know!


…. and I promise you, once you have mastered these the results will pour in.


Partly because Pinterest is a MEGA HOUSE in driving high-intent traffic to your e-commerce store!


Believe it or not, this underrated search engine is the second overall source of all social media to Shopify stores


Something needs to be done with all this traffic!


Sit back, grab a fresh cup of joe and let’s get right into how to direct this insane amount of traffic to your web store!



Shopify + Pinterest - The perfect match


For e-commerce business owners this partnership has yet to be utilized to its full functionality, namely because of its unique layout, which some users find difficult to navigate through. The single greatest thing about this social media giant is, that it allows users to buy products right inside the Pinterest app. 


Many ‘pinners’ use the platform to plan future purchases, this is VERY important…


…. meaning it brings in high-intent traffic to your web store - people are coming to your site because of a product they have already seen, there is an intention to see what else your brand offers!


Now that you have them hooked with an inquiry about your brand, users are likely to engage longer with your site and click through to other pages.



The Game Changer!


Now, let's get right into it… how can YOU use Pinterest to reach a larger audience and get more brand recognition!




1. Create a Pinterest Business account


Creating a business account is simple, it may take a few days to get it approved and you will need to provide a business website to confirm. After that, it is smooth sailing!


2. Create Boards that are relevant to your brand


Now that you are all set up, you need content for people to see! When creating boards remember to be on brand, relevant to your niche, and keep your audience in mind. 


3. Enable Rich Pins


Rich pins allow you to display more information about your products right inside the pin such as, real-time pricing and in-stock availability. Rich pins are essential! They allow users to shop through your pins.


* Rich pins are automatically enabled for Shopify Merchants using Pinterest. Bonus!


4. Be Consistent!


Regularly uploading content is key with a platform such as Pinterest, with people pinning and repining images every day, you want to make sure your brand is gaining in on the traction and being apart of the loop!


….. I know what you're thinking -  sitting and pinning 50 or more pins a day is a lot of work, luckily programs such as BoardBooster and Tailwind help you schedule in pins… so that the whole process takes a couple minutes a day!


5. Join Group Boards


Group boards are designed to allow members to pin directly to those boards. This is SUPER beneficial because your content is now available to a larger audience and to consumers who are apart of your niche, they can share your content with their social circles!


6. Create a brand lifestyle board


This is one of the BEST marketing strategies you can implement. Create a brand lifestyle board that displays all your customer's amazing photographs with your products! This can help generate trust with potential customers and show brand loyalty. 




That about should cover it for now, with these tips on Pinterest for Business you are well on your way to use this sales channel to drive traffic and sales to your online store. Pinners use the platform to plan for future purchases and making it easier for them to buy within the app is a sure way to increase engagement rates. Shopify and Pinterest have integrated together, making it easier to use the information outlined above to gain traction and drive traffic to your store.