A Complete Guide to: The different types of Pins on Pinterest


A Complete Guide to: The different types of Pins on Pinterest


Pins, repins, pinners and all things to do with Pinterest. Let this serve as your complete guide in deconstructing the different types pins and what the objectives they serve!


Each pin is an idea that someone has saved into Pinterest, it serves as inspiration for others, who in return can re-pin it to their profile. Each different image you see on Pinterest, regardless of the information contained inside it, is a pin!



Rich Pins


Rich pins include additional information such as your website name, your icon display, and source back to the original website! There are four main categories of rich pins, all designed to serve different purposes:


  • Product Pins - provide updated information on pricing, availability and where to buy


  • App Pins - download apps, there is even an install button right on the pin!


  • Recipe Pins - show recipe details: ingredients, instructions, serving info


  • Article Pins - include headlines, descriptions, and author name



Buyable Pins


Buyable pins are a secure way to buy products directly from the Pinterest app. A buyable pin will contain a blue ‘Buy It’ button, and a price tag. Consumers can further refine their search with price filters, allowing them to shop within their chosen budget. This is when rich pin real-time pricing can be especially useful, your pins are updated right away! 



….Bonus! If you have an online store with Shopify, it is easy to start selling on Pinterest you just need to add the Pinterest sales channel to your store.



Promoted Pins


Promoted Pins are paid ads on Pinterest. The pin contains ‘Promoted by’ followed by the company name at the bottom. Businesses pay to have these pins show up where you’d be more likely to notice them. Pins run on a cost-per-click basis, you pay when someone clicks through the pin to your website. Benefits of this type of advertising include the ability to target certain demographics and reach customers who are searching for or have shown interest in what you offer. This extra exposure can work wonders for driving more traffic to your account! There are a few rules to follow when using Promoted pins, such as: include authentic information, lead to a relevant landing page and no sign-up requests. 


Access to over 200 million users worldwide, not so shabby!



Picked for you Pins


Pinterest will recommend pins based on your activity. Information from the boards you create, the pins you save or click on and other searches that were done are all relayed back to the Pinterest Gods…. who then provide suggestions based on the user data collected. Picked for you pins allow exposure to new brands and products. 



Hopefully, I haven’t overwhelmed you with the amount of pinformation offered here, did you see what I did there? 


I think the pins are getting to me… 


BUT remember...


The Pinterest audience is just too big to ignore, and having an understanding of pins and the purposes they serve is essential. Being cognizant of the user experience on any social media platform is paramount in developing marketing and brand strategies and driving sales. Use this post as a guide to the different types of pins and start implementing this powerful sales tool!