What is Pinterest for Business? And why your e-commerce business should be using it!


What is Pinterest for Business? And why your e-commerce business should be using it!


Pinterest for Business contains certain features and functions that are designed specifically for businesses to use, completely different from your personal account. Using this specialized account gives your brand access to over 200 million users and features that are granted to increase traffic and sales to your Shopify store!


Why wouldn't you want to tap into the tremendous marketing power of Pinterest!


So let's go over the key features of Pinterest for Business that are essential to for any Shopify store owner to know!


Access to Pinterest Analytics


Pinterest Analytics is a great tool and one of the most useful features of Pinterest for Business. It gives you access to important tracking information, that can be used to build brand strategies and content marketing. 


Access to Rich Pins


These specialized pins are loaded with tons of sales power! Making it so easier to make informed decisions about the purchase, by highlighting useful consumer information. If you build desirable content around your products, rich pins can do the rest of the work! 


Access to Pinterest tools


As businesses are continuing to see the value of using Pinterest as a sales platform and marketing tool, Pinterest has created tools and features to make the platform even more desirable for e-commerce stores. 



Promoted Pins - Ad Pins that businesses pay to appear where you’re more likely to see them. They are based on the interest of the user and things they do on  Pinterest.


Pin It Button - This helpful button allows people to pin images to their board without having to be on Pinterest. Particularly beneficial for e-commerce stores as users will engage longer with your web store. 


Widget builder - A tool that allows you to build buttons, pins, and boards right into your website! It also allows you to build a ‘Follow’ button. Very useful in making it easy for users to connect with your content. 



If all these perks don’t entice you to create a business account within the next 30 seconds, I don’t know what will! 


Almost all business that implements this sales and marketing powerhouse have seen results. 

Remember! It is more about the strategy you use to build your audience and generate high-intent traffic to your web store, than simply having a Pinterest for Business account.